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Hail Wanderers!

This is a test version of the core system for a game that I am working on. The intent is to create a turn based combat system that draws on the push and pull, almost dance like combat experience provided by fencing and the like.

The test version is still in its early stages, and really only consists of a bare bones representation of the most basic form the core system can take. That being said, it is fully playable, though the AI right now picks tasks at random.

My intent is to release this core system for review and testing, refine it as much as possible, and then move forward to create a larger game based around what will at that point be a well-developed and engaging core mechanic.

Expect to see consistent progress made on this project, as I fully intend to respond to critiques as they come in and adapt the system accordingly. In addition to that, the short and long term goals for the game are as follows:

  • Create a more sophisticated AI based on a variety of playstyles
  • Experiment with additional actions such as:
    • Unique actions based on the environment of the fight
    • Additional combatants
    • More powerful, limited use skills
    • Items
    • Etc.
  • Experiment with adding RPG style elements to the system such as:
    • Armor types
    • Weapon types
    • Different combat styles and other equipment (two handed vs one handed and shield vs two weapons & etc)
  • Craft a fuller experience and context for the system regarding:
    • Setting
    • Single player story mode
    • Context for the multiplayer mode
    • Etc.

Any and all feedback is highly appreciated, especially at this very early stage, and can be submitted here, or to my email at CCS210@Aol.com

Thank you for your interest in the project,

Charles (Guardian Soul)

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Install instructions

Use .exe to play the digital version, or use the quick reference .pdf as a rulesheet for a pencil and paper version.


Dueling Game v10.zip 10 MB
Dueling Game v11.zip 10 MB
Dueling Game v11b.zip 10 MB

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